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The SIDE HUNG SCREEN DOOR was developed as a result of many queries for a “kitchen door screen”.
The SIDE HUNG SCREEN DOOR can be manufactured to any size.
It can be fitted to any single side hung aluminium, steel or wooden door.
The SIDE HUNG SCREEN DOOR is fitted with 3 self-closing door hinges.
Installation of the SIDE HUNG SCREEN DOOR is simply screwing in six screws and one screw for the magnetic clip.
The structural strength and rigidity of the SIDE HUNG SCREEN DOOR is achieved by the patented corner cleats of
the outer frame. These ensure that door does not sag and stays square.
The door is further strengthened by the 2 horizontal mid rails.
The meshed panels are individually framed and the mesh is inserted with a gasket. This ensures that the mesh
can be easily replaced at any time.
The SIDE HUNG SCREEN DOOR is fitted with “pet resistant mesh” that is resistant to dogs scratching against it.
The SIDE HUNG SCREEN DOOR is fitted with handles, magnetic locks and self-closing hinges.
The SIDE HUNG SCREEN DOOR can be fitted to the inside or outside of any side hung door.
The CORNER STAR LADDERS are available as either assembled ladders or in component form.
The ladders have been redesigned to offer a superior product at a price far below comparable products.
Ladders can be manuafactured either as STRAIGHT or A-FRAME format.
Our redesigned Ladder features a patented polypropylene injection moulded rung.
The rung has been tested by the CSIR up to 140kg. This is the maximum weight that their equipment could test to.
At this weight the rung did not distort at all.
The unique locator pin makes the rung exceptionally strong.
The tread bearers are extruded from structural aluminium alloy. This alloy is considerably stronger than normal
The feet are injected in a two part process. The rubber compound is soft to ensure that the feet do not slip on any
Aluminium tread bearers have a wall thickness of 1.5mm.
All components needed for the manufacturing of the full range of ladders is available from CORNER STAR
Click here to download the ladder assembly 101.