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The Californian Fruit Picking Ladder has been the industry norm for many decades.
This Ladder has served its purpose for many years but ladder maintenance has always been a major cost to the
fruit picking industry.
We are very proud to introduce our CORNER STAR FRUIT PICKING LADDER which is based on our patented ladder
The CORNER STAR FRUIT PICKING LADDER has undergone stringent field tests under normal picking conditions.
The results have been very impressive.
Many of our fruit farmers now manufacture their own ladders and this has impacted positively on their cost of
The rung carriers are manufactured from 1.5mm thick structural aluminium rectangular tube.
The rung has been tested by the CSIR .
The 1100mm wide ladder base has been redesigned to ensure maximum structural stability thereby vastly
reducing repairs and dramatically increasing the life span of the ladder.
The stabiliser pole is 38mm in diameter with a 2mm wall thickness for more rigidity.
This product offers an self-employment opportunity.
The system is designed for simplicity.
All that is needed to set up the business is a hand drill and a rivet gun.
The assembly process is quick ie. Assembly time of a 6 step A-Frame Ladder is approximately 20 minutes.
Full training is supplied.
The business can be run out of a garage – no factory space needed.
The CORNER STAR LADDER is an ideal product filler for existing businesses. In down time labour force can be used to manufacture ladders for additional
The CORNER STAR WASH LINE can be installed inside or outside along any wall.
It is very simple to install, looks very neat and folds up or down easily.
Many hotels, schools, universities and townhouse complexes have had these WASH LINES installed.